The whole school community is passionate about pupils enjoying and engaging in their learning while having the resilience and passion to succeed. We believe that every child has the right to the very best education. We want to give each child the opportunity and skills to improve themselves and contribute fully to their community regardless of background or context. To support this aim we look to remove barriers such as cost and access wherever possible.

In return, we expect each pupil, member of staff and volunteer to work hard, be tolerant, show respect for others and explore the opportunities they are presented with. We want whoever joins us, in whatever capacity, to feel that they belong to a happy, caring, hard-working and proud school community. Our TRA values, which permeate everything we do, of teamwork, perseverance, aspiration, honesty, resilience, kindness, empathy and fairness are displayed and discussed in the school on a daily basis.


At The Rydal Academy pupils, staff, parents and carers are able to develop their skills and knowledge collaboratively through highly productive relationships in an atmosphere of support, understanding and consistency.

We endeavour to harness the attributes of everyone; through using a variety of approaches to teaching and learning and providing a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum (which is extended by a range of extra-curricular opportunities) in order to foster a passion for learning and knowledge which leads to future opportunities.

We celebrate achievement in all areas of academic and personal development no matter how large or small. We believe every member of our community can achieve anything they aim for with the correct encouragement, support and opportunity. We support this aim by providing a vibrant, well-resourced and organised environment which allows for optimal learning, while supporting families through a variety of services and provisions to address economic, cultural or social barriers.

In short, The Rydal Academy looks to provide the best possible experience for all stakeholders by:

Targeting Potential | Raising Aspirations | Achieving Excellence