School security

All visitors, including parents/carers, are asked to report to the school office at the main entrance when they come into school. This also applies to children who are late after 9:30am; any pupils arriving between 9:00am to 9:30am should enter through the late gate. External doors cannot be opened from the outside and all areas of the school are alarmed.

School grounds are also monitored by security cameras.

* See CCTV policy

Collection procedures

When children are taken out of school during the day, they should be collected by an adult who must report to and sign out pupils at the school office.

Emergency Evacuation / Lockdown procedures

All staff and pupils have training in emergency evacuation and lockdown procedures, and each term we have emergency evacuation and lockdown practices. Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (P.E.E.Ps) are created as necessary for pupils/staff who may need support to exit the building during evacuations.

Visitors in school

All those who enter and use The Rydal Academy are required to follow the Visitors in School policy.

*See Visitors in School Policy