Every opportunity is taken by all staff to praise and reward every child.  In addition to daily praise, we hold weekly Achievement assemblies where collective achievements are recognised in different ways, including tidy classroom award, class attendance award and house team points. A variety of individual awards are shared through the ‘Marvellous Me’ app for Year 1 to 6, and individual achievements are recognised through the ‘Tapestry’ app in Nursery and Reception. For log-in details please ask the class teacher.

Every child is in a house team under the house names – Ash, Birch, Chestnut, Oak, Sycamore and Willow. House points are collected for good work, being helpful, good behaviour, demonstrating the TRA values, participation in house team events and for specific achievements across the school year (100% attendance for a term, competition winners). The achievement of the team who collects the most points over the year is celebrated with a rewards day and the award of the house cup. 

At the end of the year further individual awards are given for progress; attainment; creativity; science; technology and design; sporting contribution; character and overall performance during the Annual Achievement Assembly.  


We believe that school should be a happy, safe and secure place where all individuals value themselves and have respect for others as well as the environment.

Every member of staff contributes to helping children achieve high, but realistic, standards of behaviour within a positive setting.  School does have a number of rules which ensures children’s well-being, and on admission each family is required to complete a home-school agreement which details our expectations. These are part of a system where praise, encouragement and reward are used to reinforce good behaviour. 

When anti-social behaviour does occur, it is dealt with immediately. Children may have a sanction placed against them, but opportunities are always made for discussion as a means of learning.  We have a policy in place which covers incident reporting and investigation. We ensure that all children are treated fairly and as individuals. Consultation with all parties concerned is actively encouraged. 

* See Anti-bullying and Behaviour policies