We pride ourselves in having excellent home-school links and place a great deal of importance on open communication. As well as daily conversations or appointments we communicate with parents in several ways. A variety of information is published on the website including dates, events, holidays, school notices and what is coming up in the weeks ahead. Parents are, at appropriate times, welcome to talk to any member of staff either informally or by appointment. Our school Facebook page and Twitter feed gives live information on school activities. Tapestry and Marvellous Me share with you information on your child/ren’s progress and achievements and can act as a two-way communication system with class teachers. Text and email updates and reminders are also used on occasions. We will respond to any questions or concerns the same day or the very next day where possible.

It is a requirement of the school that we be provided with an up-to-date email address as our main point of communication and phone numbers for a minimum of two separate contacts, as required by law.

Information on current events in school can be received through accessing the school Facebook page or Twitter feed below.

In Nursery and Reception, staff make use of the Tapestry online journal system for recording all the learning and fun of children’s early years education. Download the Tapestry App below and contact the school nursery for more information about accessing this service.

Year 1 to Year 6 use the ‘Marvellous Me’ app to celebrate your child/ren’s achievements in school and to send direct messages to parents from class teachers. Download the ‘Marvellous Me’ app below. For log-in details please ask the class teacher.