First aid procedures

Sometimes accidents or illnesses do occur.  When medical attention is needed, children are taken to an identified member of staff (qualified first-aider) All accidents are recorded and treatment administered in accordance with policy. Parents are notified as soon as possible when children are too ill to remain in school or when a serious accident occurs.  Parents or carers are always informed in writing and by text message or phone call when children bump their heads. If parents cannot be contacted in an emergency a member of staff will either take the child to hospital or call for an ambulance. 

*See First Aid and Accident policy

Medicines in school

Prescribed medicines may be administered to pupils on completion of a permission form if administration is required during school hours. All medicines should be brought to school by an adult and given to a member of staff.  In the interest of safety, children are not allowed to have throat pastilles, lip balm, suntan lotion or lozenges. Inhalers are kept in a secure area. In consultation with parents and health workers a health care plan is written for children who have medical needs.

 *See Policy for Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs


When parents report a food allergy to school staff, they will be invited to complete an Allergy Care Plan.

No nuts or products containing nuts are permitted in school.

*See Allergens policy.