Early Years Foundation Stage

Curriculum Overview

Nursery and Reception (Early Years)
Leader: Mrs Jeffries

Our Early Years curriculum is planned with children’s interests at its heart and includes various exciting themes throughout the year. Children are free to explore a wide range of areas, equipment and topics, set up by staff, to encourage meaningful, lifelong learning and play experiences.

Play is a big part of our day in both Nursery and Reception and is coupled up with group and individual learning sessions guided by adults to encourage development of key knowledge and skills. Alongside this, there are whole class teaching sessions that take place daily focusing on early number, phonics and reading skills. These sessions then link to stimulating play opportunities in both our indoor and outdoor environments. The objectives and outcomes for these sessions are based around statements from Development Matters in The Early Years Foundation Stage guidance materials.

So that you get a full picture of what is happening in our Early Years and can watch your child’s progress at school, we are signed up to the amazing online journal service called Tapestry. With a Tapestry account, we can send you photos, videos and information about what your child has been up to at school directly to your phone or electronic device. You can even send us pictures and videos of what they get up to at home too! This really encourages an all-round learning experience for your child. Please see our booklet here for more information on how Tapestry works. Please CLICK HERE for further Tapestry information

Please click here to see the annual learning plan for our Reception classes. This document gives an overview of the learning areas that we focus on right across the year in order to give our children a wide range of learning experiences. 

The Early Years is such an exciting and important time for children. To help understand what it looks like, the Department for Education have produced  What to expect in the Early Years Foundation Stage: a guide for parents . The following images, are key messages from the document of ways in which you can encourage your child’s love of learning at home and school to help them become lifelong learners.

What to expect in EYFS – Birth – 3 years
What to expect in EYFS – 3-4 years
What to expect in EYFS – 4-5 years

Nursery Learning Journey

Nursery English Journey

Nursery Maths Journey

Reception Learning Journey

Reception English Journey

Reception Maths Journey