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Swift academies provide a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum that ignites pupils’ love of learning and successfully unlocks the true potential of each individual.

Nursery and Reception

Our Early Years curriculum is planned and led with children’s interests at its heart and includes various exciting themes throughout the year. Children are free to explore a wide range of areas, equipment and topics, set up by staff, to encourage meaningful, lifelong learning and play experiences.

Play is a big part of our day in both Nursery and Reception and is coupled up with group and individual learning sessions guided by adults to encourage development of key knowledge and skills. Alongside this, there are whole class teaching sessions that take place focusing on early number, phonics and reading skills. These occur everyday and link to stimulating play opportunities in both our indoor and outdoor environments. The objectives and outcomes for these sessions are based around statements from Development Matters in The Early Years Foundation Stage non-statutory guidance materials.

So that you get a full picture of what is happening in our Early Years and can watch your child’s progress at school, we are signed up the amazing online journal service Tapestry. With a Tapestry account, we are able to send you photos, videos and information about what your child has been up to at school directly to your phone or electronic device. You can even send us pictures and videos of what they get up to at home too! This really encourages an all round learning experience for your child. Please see our booklet here for more information on how Tapestry works. Please CLICK HERE for more Tapestry information.

Year 1 – Year 6

Our curriculum is carefully constructed to capitalise upon the experiences and backgrounds of our pupils whilst simultaneously providing relevant, new experiences to build their knowledge and understanding of the wider world around them. Underpinned by the National Curriculum, all of our provision has been coherently planned and sequenced by our subject leaders and year group teachers to ensure that, alongside breadth and variation, we prioritise children’s depth of learning. 


To support this progressive process, our end points are clearly defined and we return to areas of learning in different contexts, multiple times within and across year groups. We ensure that our children develop an increasingly insightful understanding within each subject and are able to apply their knowledge and skills within and across subjects fluently. 

Our curriculum aims for pupils to accelerate their progress from their starting points to ensure that they reach or exceed national expectations in their core subjects. The development of reading is prioritised to ensure that children can confidently and successfully access all areas of the curriculum from the earliest opportunity. Our wider curriculum aim is to provide a full spectrum of enriching experiences whilst developing happy and healthy individuals. 


In short, we equip our pupils with the core skills, knowledge and cultural capital that they need to succeed in life whilst also ensuring that children are socially and emotionally prepared for their future. 

Please see the individual pages for each of our subjects to find out more about the exciting learning opportunities in store for our children and to discover home learning 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update
This document details the actions taken to support Rydal children following lock down and an overview of the intended actions for September and beyond.
Please CLICK HERE to read more.