We make use of continuous assessment that begins when a child starts nursery/school. Information from assessment helps to ensure children continue to make progress and that any issues are identified and addressed. Teaching and learning staff make use of a range of assessment activities which include marking, individual discussions with pupils, moderation of work, formal tests, observations and teacher assessment.

On entry to Nursery, Reception and Year 1 pupils are given a baseline assessment which is used as a start point to track development. At the end of Year 2 and Year 6, teacher assessments are reported nationally. Year 1 phonics testing and Year 2 phonics testing re-sits are conducted every June. Times Tables Check take place in Year 4 every June. Year 6 SATs are taken in May of each year. Statutory KS2 SATs in reading comprehension; spelling, punctuation and grammar; maths are marked externally. (Children and parents/carers are notified of results as soon as we have them.)

* See Assessment policy and Marking policy in policies