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If your child is unable to attend school because of illness, please call the school as soon as possible so we may mark the daily register. If we have not received notification school will try to contact parents during the morning of the first absence, if we are unable to contact parents or no legitimate reason for absence is provided an unauthorised absence mark will be given. If no reason for absence has been provided by the fifth day a referral will be made to the Local Authority Education Welfare Service.

Term-time holidays will not be authorised in any circumstances. Should pupils miss time at school due to holidays any absence will be recorded as unauthorised and may lead to a Penalty Notice from the Local Authority Education Welfare Service.


If you know that your child or children are going to be absent from school on a particular day or week please get in touch with Miss Unsworth through so that she can work with the class teachers to ensure that the relevant week’s planning is sent to you. This will give you the opportunity to work with your child or children on the learning that they will have missed.


If you are going to be travelling for a period of time please contact the Traveller Education and Achievement Service  through  so that a relevant work pack can be provided.