Attendance is promoted within school through weekly class awards and termly individual awards for 100% attendance, improved attendance, and great attendance. Pupils with 100% attendance for the term also have the chance to win £100 worth of vouchers. 

* For further information see Attendance Policy & Procedures


If your child is unable to attend school because of illness, please call the school as soon as possible so we may mark the daily register. If we have not received notification, school will try to contact parents/carers during the morning of the first absence. If we are unable to contact parents/carers or no legitimate reason for absence is provided an unauthorised absence mark will be given and parents/carers may receive a home visit from school staff. If no reason for absence has been provided by the fifth day a referral will be made to the Local Authority Education Welfare Service.

Pupils with less than 95% attendance will be tracked by the school and may receive a home visit from school staff or an invitation to attend a meeting at the school to explore if the school is able to offer support to improve attendance. 

* Live attendance information for your child/ren is available on request


If you know that your child or children are going to be absent from school on a particular day or week, please contact the school office as far in advance as possible so any appropriate support can be arranged.


If you are going to be travelling for a period of time please contact the school office to confirm registration arrangements.


Term-time holidays will not be authorised in any circumstances. Should pupils miss time at school due to holidays any absence will be recorded as unauthorised and may lead to a Penalty Notice from the Local Authority Education Welfare Service.


Every member of staff takes part in training throughout the year.  When this happens, or when somebody is absent through ill health, we endeavour to use internal staff cover or supply teachers from a known and reputable company.

All staff involved in cover have completed the necessary safeguarding checks.